Our Other Services


Our Other Services

Saree Polishing/Saree Printing/Dyeing/Darning

Saree Polishing : Get you sarees starched and ironed for a better finish and look.

Saree Printing : Bored of the the same old plain silk sarees which you neither want to give away nor can wear ?? try out our Saree Printing Service which will turn your old plain saree to a new designed saree.

Dyeing : Are your favourite cotton pants , jeans , silk sarees or any other attire getting faded? Or are you bored wearing the same colour ? why not try our dyeing service to change your lighter colour attires to a darker colour?.

Darning : Tore your favourite jeans , saree or any other attire? Do not worry , our Darning service will help you hide the damages to an extent that it will be unnoticeable .

  • Saree Polishing : Price Depends On Work.
  • Saree Printing : Price Depends On Work.
  • Dyeing : Price Depends On Work.
  • Darning : Price Depends On Work.
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Unfix The Curtains

A team from James Bond Dry cleaners would come along with the necessary equipment to unfix the curtains.


Dry Cleaning

Unfix Curtains is taken for a dry cleaning and ironing.


fixing curtain back

Deliver back to your home as well as fix it.

Other Services

Polishing And Printing


James Bond Dry cleaners has the largest dry cleaning outlets in Bangalore, area covering around 1800 square feet for your expensive and delicate attire with Hygienic environment and trained staff .

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Thanks for sharing information about your dry cleaning! It is great to know that your company uses an environmentally friendly dry cleaning solution.

Does dry cleaning kill dust mites?

I've been going to james bond dry cleaning for 5 years. Great service, always prompt...I've never been disappointed. I would highly recommend james bond!!!!