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About Dry Cleaning

It's a process that cleans clothes with little water or no water. The cleaning fluid that is used is a liquid, and all garments are immersed and cleaned in a liquid solvent, to remove soil and staqins from fabric and also oil and grease can be dissolved and eliminated, this fluids do not penetrate, distort, shrink and discolour fabrics made of natural fibers such as wools and silks, making dry cleaning the preferred care method.


James Bond Dry Cleaners is providing 100% Environmentally Friendly Dry Cleaning services. We are committed to making a difference with Environmentally Friendly Dry Cleaning, We not only care about your clothes but also care about the environment. All of the garments that go through our dry cleaning are protected in non-toxic method cleans dry-clean-only garments.

WE Dry Clean the following:

  • Sarees, Blouses, , Salvar suits, Frocks, Wedding gowns.
  • Shirts, Pants, Blazers, Ties, Dhotis, Sherwanis, Kurtas.
  • Sweaters, jerkins.
  • Blankets, Bedsheets, Sofa, Pillow and cushion covers, Quilts, Curtains.
  • Carpets, Mats, Car seat covers.
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Unfix The Curtains

A team from James Bond Dry cleaners would come along with the necessary equipment to unfix the curtains.


Dry Cleaning

Unfix Curtains is taken for a dry cleaning and ironing.


fixing curtain back

Deliver back to your home as well as fix it.

Professional Dry Cleaning Steps

Pickup Or Walkin Customer

You bring your clothes to your Dry Cleaning or get them picked up.


Our employee examining the garment and the labels care for suitable instructions and for Drycleaning machine.


Our employee will sort the garments according to their fabric type, colour, and degree of soiling.

Stain and spot

Our employee remove Stain and spot first.

Dry Cleaning and Ironing

Our employee Performing the appropriate cleaning and ironing and ensure that your clothes come back looking fresh and beautiful every time.


Our employee Packe the garment neatly in protective wrapping and return to its rightful owner or delivered on time to your doorstep.

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Thanks for sharing information about your dry cleaning! It is great to know that your company uses an environmentally friendly dry cleaning solution.

Does dry cleaning kill dust mites?

I've been going to james bond dry cleaning for 5 years. Great service, always prompt...I've never been disappointed. I would highly recommend james bond!!!!

Infrastructure: James Bond Dry cleaners has the largest dry cleaning outlets in Bangalore, area covering around 1800 square feet for your expensive and delicate attire with Hygienic environment and trained staff.

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